Tea for Two

Ballet SlippersI’m mildly addicted to the turmeric spice tea and rose-infused Greek yogurt with medjool dates, walnuts, and fresh mint served at Samovar Tea Lounge in the Castro. Occasionally, I just have to get a fix. During a recent indulgence, I was seated next to a mother-daughter couplet. The little girl, who appeared to be about 5, wore a sparkly pink tutu with matching sparkly pink ballet slippers. As I savored my delicacy, I couldn’t help but observe them. I’m always drawn into the opportunity to observe mother-daughter interaction. Some of my fondest memories with my mother are the times she’d take me shopping and we’d finish off our outing with a just-girls lunch. Those lunch dates made me feel special and seen.

The little girl and her mother talked about the new dance she was learning at her dance class, the new purse she wanted, and whether or not she had to eat the cucumber on the small tea sandwich served on the special plate.

Her mother excused herself from the table for a moment and the little girl and I connected.  I asked her if she was having a tea party with her mother. She replied, “No. We’re on a date.”  The tiny dancer and her mother are a perfect match.