I dedicate this project to:

My mother, Edna Rowland Hedges.  Your unexpected departure from this world was tragic, and you have been missed immeasurably.  In fact, to this day, you are missed.  Thank you for loving and nurturing me for the 9 years that God gave us together.  The authenticity of that love is forever stamped on my soul and without it, I wouldn’t have survived.

My precious son, Justin.  Indeed, my finest production.  Being your mother is an absolute pleasure and source of soulful satisfaction.  You and Jeralyn are my bright stars.  I’m ever grateful to be your mother.

My brother, Jonathan Elliot.  You were my soul-twin.  Our journeys differed, but the demons are the same.  Rest in peace.

My father, Richard Slepin.  I feel you- thanks for being there.  Your goodness and heart live on (as does some of your cantankerousness).

My “adopted father”, Al Ward.  Through you I can touch my Mom.  I know why she loved you.  Having you and Yvonne in my life is a gift.

And to my babydog, Lily.  My constant, loyal, and needy best friend.